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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Kick Start Your Own Quit-Proof Year Round Health Resolutions!
Ever promised yourself that THIS would be the year you got your health back on track, committed to a plan...

And then went off the rails faster than ever?

We ALL have. Sticking to resolutions is HARD WORK if you don't know the secret.

Which is why I've created a FREE 30 minute MP3 to help you implement health resolutions that STICK.

Download it now for a novel reprogramming session that's just a little brainwashy...

While listening, you'll discover how to:


* Learn To FUTURE-PACE Then ACHIEVE Your Desired Goals...

* Put Those Broken Health Resolutions IN THE REAR MIRROR!

WARNING: This MP3 may prove so effective that you may find yourself stuck with good habits for life!
Value = $37

From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

White Light Energy Meditation
Infuse Yourself With Loving & Powerful White Light Energy.

This energy infused meditation is great for honoring yourself and creating a loving, relaxing & protective energy field.

If you're going to be around the energy of others (in any situation) or people that can "push your buttons" this quick meditation is a wonderful tool!

It's super short so you can also use it any time you wish to simply relax and balance your energy.
Value = $47

From : Brent Phillips

Unseen Forces
Discover how to harness and master the UNSEEN FORCES that control our lives...unleash the power of your subconscious mind and learn to live life on YOUR terms!
Value = $37

From : Cyndi Krupp

Premium Subliminal Programming For Lucid Dreaming
In a Lucid Dream, the dreamer becomes aware that she/he is dreaming - and once aware - can begin to exert control over what occurs within the dream.....

Pretty cool - right?

Not only does it have the potential to be really really fun (ever want to know what it feels like to fly?) you can use Lucid Dreaming to do many things - such as....

*Remove Fears and Phobias*
*Emotional healing of the past*
*Practice Skills*
*Increase Inspiration*

There are an endless number of things you can do while in a Lucid Dream (you can even connect with your most creative self and ask for new ways to dream :-) ) - and NOW - you can use Subliminal Programming to program your mind to begin Lucid Dreaming with ease....
Value = $12

From : James Maxwell

The Marvel Morning: Change Your Life Before 8am
Want to have a great day? (And therefore a great week + month + year + life?)

Start with a great morning.

Want to have a mediocre day? (And therefore a mediocre week + month + year + life?)

Start with a mediocre morning.

It really IS that simple.

You can’t have a truly extraordinary day/life if you’re starting every single day off lethargic and rushed and stressed. (Sorry to break it to you. :)

Mornings are where the magic begins.

Go grab a copy for yourself today, before this crazy offer is taken down... for good.
Value = $49

From : Fountain Of Youth Meditation

4 X 10 Minutes Guided Beauty Meditations
You will receive Free Instant Access to our 4 X 10 Minutes Guided Beauty Meditations:

1) Meditation for Glowing and Better Skin

2) Meditation for Beautiful Hair

3) Meditation for Weight Loss

4) Meditation for Anti-Aging

Simply click on the player and listen as much as you wish.

Value = $117

From : Jocelyn Wayne

The Power Of Gratitude
FREE Gratitude eBook Reveals The Power of Gratitude.

By using these powerful techniques, you will be able to overcome your biggest problems in life.

Discover the secret hidden within every adversity:

- How Steve Jobs uses the power of gratitude to go back to Apple after being sacked
by the board members.
- How J.K.Rowling uses the power of gratitude to inspire others through her harry potters series
- How Oprah Winfrey become one of the richest female celebrities based on Forbes magazine although
she experienced sexual harassment at the age of 9
- Gain the knowledge of feeling grateful for everything whether good or bad and many many more.

Get The Power of Gratitude Today! Start Appreciating Your Life With Gratitude!
Value = $47

From : The Science Of Imagery Team

Supercharge Your Confidence With This 8 Minute Affirmation Meditation
You deserve to live your best, most fulfilled life. But without confidence that will be hard to do.

Luckily I’ve found The Ultimate Dynamic Duo For Essential Confidence Building

• This gift merges the amazing benefits of both guided meditation and empowering affirmations in a soothing confidence building audio!

Using this gift to boost confidence will help you see things from a very different perspective, a universal perspective, by tuning out the negatives and focusing on the positives.
Value = $47

From : World of Alternatives

4 Mind Sync Meditation Downloads
Alpha Meditation:
Zen meditation, visualization, memory, learning enhancement & de silva training.

Theta Meditation:
Astral projection, remote viewing, past life regression work and psychic activity.

Delta Meditation:
Shamanic trance, samadhi and clear light meditation, rebalancing of human growth hormones & DHEA in aging.

Epsilon Meditation:
Helps to coordinate left and right brain activity - creating A-HA states. Nirvanic & samhadhi experience, spiritual insight & Out of Body experiences.
Value = $80

From : Steve G. Jones

Hypnotize Anyone Just By Speaking!
The Six Step Formula For Using Hypnotic Language To Persuade Others.
Value = $27

From : Josee Smith

Happy Healthy Holiday: Simple Ways To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain And Still Have Fun
Most women gain between 7-10 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas...and even worse these pounds remain long after January 1st.

The shocking truth is it kills your mood, it kills your confidence and leaves you feeling fat and frustrated.

Well it doesn't have to be this way.

The tips provided in this ebook will help you enjoy the season and great food without feeling deprived, worrying about weight gain, or letting holiday triggers get in the way of your weight management goals.

Remember the healthier you are during the holidays, the better off you'll be for the New Year.
Value = $47

From : Lazy Life Hacker

Kama Sutra Gifts
Get the Kama Sutra collection from here - includes:

Immediate access to a downloadable copy of the Kama Sutra

97 Pages that teach you how to ENJOY your relationship with your partner
Value = $47

From : Daniele Fiori

4 Audio Downloads: Relaxing Meditation, Sounds Sleep, Depression Relief And Anxiety Control
- The Relaxation Meditation audio plays 4 hours of binaural beats tuned to a carrier frequency of 528 Hz layered with relaxing ambient music.

- Sounds Sleep: ambient soundscapes for a relaxing night of deep sleep. With delta brainwave entrainment technology to help induce natural rest.

- Depression Relief: calm and uplifting meditation music with isochronic tones & binaural beats. Feel balance and harmony as you relax with ambient soundscapes.

- Anxiety Control: the audio meditation consists of ambient music and the calming sounds of the ocean surf at the beach with frequencies carefully chosen to achieve relief for anxiety, vitality, over-all balance and make you feel more confident, blissful and less fearful.
Value = $67

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking.
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Abundance Is Your Right!
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