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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

The Person Most Qualified To Save Your Life? (It's Not Your Doctor!)
In fact, as crazy as it sounds, your medical network is about as likely to Kill you as cure you.

No, it really doesn't pay to get sick when in the U.S. alone 250,000 people die of medical misadventure every year.

So if you're looking forward to the longest possible life, staying healthy is Really Important.

The good news? No medical intervention will ever match your own body's powers of self healing - provided you Stay Healthy.

So - if the thought of leaving your fate in the hands of doctors doesn't exactly thrill you, grab my free guide now and I'll show you how to:

* Safeguard Against Premature Aging

* Stimulate The Self Healing Hormones

* Block Emerging Disease States

* Make Your Immune System Work For You – Not Against You
Value = $37

From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Meditation
This audio is different from other Solfeggio audios because it contains special energy healing directly from me.

This ancient Solfeggio frequency of 396 Hz helps you to get rid of the influences of fear and guilt, sending your mind and body positive energy that also helps to build confidence and peace. It also leaves your body feeling rejuvenated and energized.

And, I've imbued this audio with additional energy healing for your best self!

It's super powerful and extremely relaxing to listen to.

This audio is the 3rd in the series of 9 solfeggio audios in total, so grab this one today and stay tuned for the rest.
Value = $47

From : Cyndi Krupp

Isn't Now A Great Time To Be Happy?
3 Premium Subliminal Downloads

*Be Happy: The simple positive suggestions within this album are designed to lift your mood and make you happy.

*Find Harmony: Experience both your body and mind relaxing, and a physical and mental sense of harmony as your worries and stresses melt away.

*Accept Change: Your new ability to enjoy your life without fear of change will be both exhilarating and life altering.

Although it is increasing in popularity we know that subliminal messaging is new to a lot of people. We think the best way to know how subliminals work and if it is right for you is to try it for yourself. So enjoy these free gifts and be prepared to find yourself feeling happier and happier.
Value = $45

From : World Of Alternatives

Get 4 Crystal Healing Frequencies Plus Power Nap And Mood Enhancer Gifts
Gift includes:

* Gold Frequencies - Gold frequencies work at the Heart Chakra. These frequencies aid in the digestive system, nervous systems and intensify inner-energies and emotions.
* Calcite Frequency - This frequency is particularly used for healing as well as widening the horizon of a person's awareness as well as providing peace of mind.
* Peridot Frequency - Peridot frequencies are known to bring prosperity and joy, as well as cellular rejuvenation.
* Jade Frequency - Jade is known for it's mental healing powers as well as it's ability to provide peace of mind, knowledge and wisdom.
* Power Nap - Evidence is mounting that taking a power nap during the day appears to enhance information processing and learning.
* Mood Enhancer - This frequency boosts seratonin levels in a safe and effective manner to stabalize moods.
Value = $100

From : John L

Bursting Out Of The Cocoon
In this 30 page eBook you'll discover:

- How a caterpillar and a butterfly can teach us in order to help us recognize our goals in life.

- The master within you, your own soul is a great magician who can manifest your every need.

- How we can build our inner strength in order to achieve that purpose, dreams, goals in life.
Value = $47

From : Loretta Tifara

31 Days Powerful Declaration
The words you speak determine the way you live.

Whenever we speak something, either good or bad, we give life to what we are saying.

If you spend just five minutes a day reading these words and declaring these 31 days promises over your life, you’ll be amazed at what happens.

Start saying positive things about yourselves by declaring every promises in this eBook now!
Value = $47

From : Meditative Coloring Book

Sweet Dreams - Meditative Coloring Book
Feeling Stressed, Overwhelmed or Can't Sleep?

Download Your Free eBook Now

Meditative Coloring Book - Sweet Dreams

Color your negative energy away with these proven relaxing, soothing and beneficial exercises.

Pick up a color pencil, flow with it and kiss insomnia goodbye!

Enjoy your gift!
Value = $47

From : Brent Michael Phillips

Unseen Forces
Discover how to harness and master the Unseen Forces that control our lives...unleash the power of your subconscious mind and learn to live life on Your terms!
Value = $37

From : Limitless Valley - Daniele Fiori

10 "Life Changing" MP3 Audios
Transform yourself with these 10 powerful hypnotic audio tracks:

1 Total Relaxation
2 Health and Wellness
3 Be Confident
4 Make Your Dreams Come True
5 Attracting Wealth
6 Amazing Learning
7 True Love
8 Weight Loss
9 Quit Smoking
10 Marketing Focus
Value = $47

From : Tim Pond

Declutter Your Mind Pack (Guide And Workbook With Empowering Assignments)
Claim your free pack to discover how to gain clarity and focus better, reach the Flow state to Finally achieve your goals!

The empowering pack includes a guide and a workbook with empowering assignments.

The pack has helped thousands of people take control and focus better to get the things done to step closer to the life they Truly deserve!

Discover how to

• declutter your mind
• beat distractions
• be more positive
• focus better
• achieve the state of Flow
• regain control of your thoughts
and Much more…

Total value of the pack: Priceless – today Free!
Value = $47

From : Michele Howe Clarke

Faster Meditation Go Deeper Faster With MP3 Audio Course
Use faster meditation to bring calm clarity and joy into your life.Maybe like most of us, you need to enjoy a more restful sleep and lessen the stress and anxiety.

Faster Mediation is a pleasant experience, you should know that you can come back here and enjoy this calm anytime you like, simply by deciding to shift your attention to your inner world, allowing your breathing to get deep and comfortable.

Know that this place is always within you, and that by even thinking about it, you can touch into that feeling of calmness, peacefulness, and serenity and bring those qualities more and more into your daily life.

Faster Meditations – what’s in it for me?

1. Faster Meditation Alpha Imaging – audio to relax, restore and reprogram for good
2. Kickass 5 Day life reset challenge – press reset and get your life on the right track
Value = $77

From : Perfect Path

The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide
How To Use Crystals To Heal The Body And Transform The Spirit


What Crystal Healing Is All About
The Benefits Of Crystal Healing
What Types Of Crystals There Are
The Differences Between Minerals
Using Crystals To Heal Yourself And Others
And More

Learn about the amazing healing powers of crystals today!
Value = $37

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking.
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