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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Connect With Your Divine Higher Power
FREE Meditation MP3 & Energetic Affirmations PDF.

When you connect with your Divine Higher Power you are connecting with an infinite source of wisdom, power, love and inspiration.

Together with Source Energy, you absolutely CAN accomplish anything!

By choosing to connect with it regularly, you'll become great at hearing its guidance which will lead you down all the right paths in a fast and harmonious way, toward your inspiring goals and dreams.

Claim your FREE meditation and also receive a Special Bonus: 4 step energetic affirmation course to improve your connection with source energy.
Value = $47

From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Are Your Hormones Hijacking Your Health And Happiness?
If you constantly feel exhausted, anxious and off-balance in life, just not the person you used to be...

Your hormones may be OUT OF WHACK and dragging you down.

Hormonal imbalance cannot be corrected with a simple change of attitude.

Biochemical signaling - the slosh of hormones inside
you - is a POWERFUL influence on your body and mind that you cannot afford to ignore!

An imbalance can be FIXED. To find out how, grab
my FREE eBookt "Fix Your Hormones" to discover:


* Which 6 KEY HORMONES may be messing you up!

* How to REGULATE your "Fountain Of Youth" Hormone

SUMMARY: You're supposed to feel great. If you don't that's not normal, and your hormones may be to blame!
Value = $37

From : Head To Toe Beauty

20 DIY Beauty Recipes For Beautiful Skin, Hair, Body And Lips!
Download Your FREE eBook: 20 DIY Beauty Recipes Today!

Learn how to make your own beauty products at home using only natural ingredients.

After reading this book, you will be able to pamper yourself head to toe with luxurious hair masks, deep cleansing home facials, nourishing body lotions, and age-rewinding moisturizers in the most natural, luxuriously green way!

Feel Fabulous with Every Girl's Essential Homemade Beauty Products: 20 DIY Beauty Recipes for Beautiful Skin, Hair, Body and Lips!

Grab Your FREE Copy Now!

Value = $67

From : Mark Johnson

7 Energy Healing Frequency Soundtracks For Download
7 Amazing Energy Healing Frequency to relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles, and restore sound sleep... in minutes.

Track 1: Peaceful - This beautiful piece helps open you up to receive God's healing.

Track 2: Energy - Supports issues of the stomach – especially digestion.

Track 3: Feeling - Listen to this when you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Track 4: Transformation - Restores your sound, peaceful sleep...

Track 5: The Bridge - Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships.

Track 6: Great Awakening - Provides you with deep spiritual and emotional healing.

Track 7: The Majectic - Purely spiritual this magnificent piece is a celebration of the King of Kings.
Value = $197

From : Tim Pond

Declutter Your Mind Pack (Guide And Workbook With Empowering Assignments)
Claim your free pack to discover how to gain clarity and focus better, reach the Flow state to FINALLY achieve your goals!

The empowering pack includes a guide and a workbook with empowering assignments.

The pack has helped thousands of people take control and focus better to get the things done to step closer to the life they TRULY deserve!

Discover how to

• declutter your mind
• beat distractions
• be more positive
• focus better
• achieve the state of Flow
• regain control of your thoughts
and MUCH more…

Total value of the pack: PRICELESS – today FREE!
Value = $47

From : Geoff Wilkins

7 Mind Sync Manifestation Downloads
#1 - Love Manifestation:
Used to manifest love in your life. This can be the love from an individual or from groups. It can be used to rekindle love in a marriage or develop it in a family.

#2 - Psychic Manifestation:
Used to help in the manifestation of psychic ability.

#3- Healing Manifestation:
Used to heal yourself or others. It can be used to heal any living creature.

#4- Abstract Manifestation:
Used to help with abstract and artistic creation. This would include visual art, music, writing, and more.

Plus 3 More Amazing Manifestation Downloads...
Material Manifestation, Sexual Manifestation,& Spiritual Manifestation!
Value = $120

From : The Science Of Imagery Team

Supercharge Your Confidence With This 8 Minute Affirmation Meditation.
You deserve to live your best, most fulfilled life. But without confidence that will be hard to do.

Luckily I’ve found The Ultimate Dynamic Duo For Essential Confidence Building

• This gift merges the amazing benefits of both guided meditation and empowering affirmations in a soothing confidence building audio!

Using this gift to boost confidence will help you see things from a very different perspective, a universal perspective, by tuning out the negatives and focusing on the positives.
Value = $37

From : Tammy Lawman

Here’s A Nudge From Your Intuition - RE: Your Future
There are lots of changes in store for you in the coming months. You’ve probably already started seeing them. They will “rock your world!” The question is: For better? Or for worse?

Here’s the “inside scoop:” There are 4 energies that need to be in alignment for you to experience true wealth & happiness – they are mental, emotional, spiritual & physical energy.

If any of these energies are blocked, scattered, or suppressed you can’t experience the AWESOMENESS that is trying to get to you.

In fact, you may even be repelling the gifts & miracles that are coming your way.

We’ve gathered 12 of the world's top experts to clear your blocks to wealth & happiness. That way you can experience all the GOOD!

Your destiny is now in your hands!
Value = $39

From : Steve G. Jones

Hypnotize Anyone Just By Speaking!
The Six Step Formula For Using Hypnotic Language To Persuade Others.
Value = $27

From : Connie Livingston

Life Purpose Formula & Ebook Go Forward Fearlessly!
The life purpose formula gives you the six steps to create a career you love.

The 100-page Go Forward Fearlessly! Ebook provides the spiritual road map for how to be happy, stress-free, and confident despite massive change. Includes simple, practical, & spiritual techniques to live your life purpose so you can truly thrive in your career or biz.

This gift includes a complimentary Go Forward Fearlessly! Breakthrough session with author Cornelia Ward to help you identify your goals, get ideas about where to start in the book, and get back on track to living a life you love. ($150 value)
Value = $200

From : Josee Smith

The Art Of Aromatherapy-Uncover The Healing Power Of Essential Oils
Discover the method of choice for many women to alleviate stress, anxiety, headaches, muscles aches and digestive issues as well as induce relaxation, relieve pain, increase energy, stimulate mood and improve brain power.

Aromatherapy helps balance your life and is perfect for your mind body soul!
Value = $47

From : Gina

7 Secrets Revealed: How To Change Your Love Vibration From Lack To Desire!
Learn the secrets to changing your Love Vibration from lack to Desire!

Your lack vibration repels the very thing that you want to draw to you. It is an unseen force that works behind the scenes without you even knowing it.

What if you could learn the secrets steps to begin to change that vibration and be conscious of what you do project out into the world?

In this insightful E-Book you will learn the ways with which you can change your Love Vibration so that it Sparkles and draws in Love!
Value = $34

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking.
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