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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Reprogram Your Money Frequency
Here's the truth: You're either attracting money or repelling it.

Money is nothing more than energy and it simply responds to your energy frequency.

The good news is there's something you can do about it!

If you want to attract more money into your life, you must fix what stops money from flowing to you. Simply put, you must Reprogram Your Money Frequency.

Claim This Course And Align Yourself With Money, Wealth & Abundance ~ The Easy Way!
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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Your Brain May Be Shrinking. How To Know, And How To Stop It...
If you're an adult and you're not exercising your brain is shrinking.

Your hippocampus, the part that processes memory and emotion and what makes you You, will shrink up to 20 Percent each passing decade.

But New Studies reveal that some exercises can Halt, even Reverse brain shrinkage and cognitive decline.

How? Grab my Free report "So What Does Happen To Your Body When You Don't Exercise?" and I'll show you how to:

* Reduce your risk of Alzheimer's Disease by 45 percent

* Stop your brain from Shrinking 10-20 percent per decade

* Lower your risk for Depression as much as 66 percent

* Identify the exercise that Predicts future brain health

In Summary: Some exercises not only Slow brain shrinkage due to aging, but Reverse it!
Value = $37

From : The Zen

Boundless Divinity MP3
We all have dreams, goals and desires in life!

Time to waken your Boundless Potential to Manifest your Wildest Dreams and Desires.

This MP3 works automatically to turn the listener into a vibrant, feel good, good luck generator that will instantly begin to manifest all wants and desires into their physical experience as if by magic. It removes negative blocks using tuning forks and theta brainwaves.

The true secrets of manifesting anything and everything is projected and picked up by the subconscious that will produce mind-blowing results.

Start Living Your Desired Life!
Value = $67

From : World Of Alternatives

The Power Of Mindfulness
Learn To Harness The Power Of Your Mind To Better Control Your Thoughts And Emotions And Gain What You Really Want From Life.


What Is Mindfulness?
How To Start Using Mindfulness
Introducing Cognitive Restructuring
How To Use Cognitive Restructuring In The Real World
Stress And Flow States
Why You Should Visualize
The Power Of Belief
Value = $47

From : Cyndi Krupp

Lucid Dream With Ease...
In a Lucid Dream, the dreamer becomes aware that she/he is dreaming - and once aware - can begin to exert control over what occurs within the dream.....

Not only does it have the potential to be really really fun (ever want to know what it feels like to fly?) you can use Lucid Dreaming to do many things - such as....

*Remove Fears and Phobias
*Emotional healing of the past
*Practice Skills
*Increase Inspiration

There are an endless number of things you can do while in a Lucid Dream (you can even connect with your most creative self and ask for new ways to dream :-) ) - and NOW - you can use Subliminal
Programming to program your mind to begin Lucid Dreaming with ease :)
Value = $15

From : Nicky Stephans

Subliminal Wealth Booster
Attract unlimited wealth without changing anything in your daily routine!

You will be able to:

- Enjoy your daily activities while reprogramming your subconscious.
- Unleash your brain's unlimited capabilities for wealth attraction
- Feel more energetic and focused

Make sure you Download Your Subliminal MP3
Value = $97

From : Mark Johnson

7 Ancient Energy Healing Frequency For Download
7 Amazing Energy Healing Frequency to relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles, and restore sound sleep... in minutes.

Track 1: Peaceful - This beautiful piece helps open you up to receive God's healing.

Track 2: Energy - Supports issues of the stomach – especially digestion.

Track 3: Feeling - Listen to this when you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Track 4: Transformation - Restores your sound, peaceful sleep...

Track 5: The Bridge - Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships.

Track 6: Great Awakening - Provides you with deep spiritual and emotional healing.

Track 7: The Majectic - Purely spiritual this magnificent piece is a celebration of the King of Kings.

Get all of them worth $197 for FREE now!
Value = $197

From : Andrea Chua

365 Days Of Pure Joy
It is easy to feel happy during good times. What about during tough times?

This 66-page inspiring eBook consists of 33 positive strategies to raise your positive energy, strengthen your ability to overcome challenges and stay upbeat no matter your situation.

Your happiness matters. Grab your copy today!
Value = $57

From : Gladys.C

28 Page eBook: The Thought Sifter
Download Your FREE eBook Today "The Thought Sifter"

“Thoughts Become Things… Choose The Good Ones!” ~ Mike Dooley

In this 28-Page eBook, you'll discover the wisdom that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.
Value = $47

From : Lazy Life Hacker

Wired For Success
Learn How To Rewire Your Brain For Greater Success And Nearly Effortless Achievement


Why Your Mindset Defines Your Success In Life
How The Law Of Attraction Works
How To Use ‘Kaizen’ And Small Changes
How To Take Risks And Stop Feeling Beaten Down
How To Use ‘Fear Setting’
How To Know Your Life’s Purpose
How To Employ CBT To Change The Way You See The World
How To Break Out Of Your Rut And Start Living A Truly Fulfilling And Incredible Life!

... And Much More!
Value = $47

From : John L

Bursting Out Of The Cocoon
In this 30-Page eBook, you'll discover:

- What a caterpillar and a butterfly can teach us in order to help us recognize our purpose in life.

- The Master within you, your own soul, is a great magician who knows how to manifest your every need.

- How we can build our inner strength in order to achieve that purpose, dream or goal in life.

- How to unleash your inner child and see things with the eyes of wonder and awe when dealing with the unfamiliar.

- If we want to grow, old beliefs must die
and be replaced with new ones.

- And many more...
Value = $47

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking.
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